Sunday, 9 March 2014

                        Be Happy the kit and Accessories are

                                now up at Digidesignresort

                                                     Not all elements are shown
I loved working on this kit,and really enjoyed making the tablecloth, cupcakes and milk shake.  It bought back childhood memories of picnics and flying kites with my brothers and father.  When you look at the world through your child's eyes it is an exciting and wonderful place.
                                                            This kit is available here

                       be happy the story of the surprise

This little book is a wonderful surprise for your little ones aged 2 to 6 or 7.  It has quick pages to insert the photo of your child or children. It is written for two children that could be brothers and sisters or friends or even your child and their pet or favorite soft toy.  If you own the kit there are blank pages for you to make your own pages to add to the book. Instructions are included in the kit.

                             The book is written so that the children can participate in the story.

                                   Be Happy Quick Pages

Quick pages are very useful especially the ones from the be happy kit. If your child has been to a birthday party you can ask the Mother who gave the birthday party for photos of the party and add them to the quick pages as a very special thank you. They will also make really pretty cards if you reduce them to 8X8 or 6X6 inches.

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  1. Fun and exciting for any mom that is looking to scrap book those precious photos of there children #digitalscrapbooking