Sunday, 9 March 2014

                                  Happiness in Blue

                                                     This kit is available HERE

  The little flowers in this kit come from my garden.  I had to take a lot of photos to get the perfect shot of this little flower.  It's common name is the Butterfly plant because the flowers look like little  butterflies dancing around the plant.  I loved creating the sprays of flowers with this little flower.


                                Happiness in Blue QPS

                                  The quick pages from Happiness in Blue are very pretty.

 These clusters although meant for use on your scrapbooking pages will make beautiful birthday and  thank you cards. I am sure you can think of some other uses as well.

This is a paper and a large full page cluster that will be available from Digidesignresort as a newsletter freebie on the 22nd of March. Don't miss it, sign up for their newsletter now.

This add on adds some fun elements to the kit.  The cluster with the round frame is full page size and in very pretty so it gives you options

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